Supporting Pregnant Women


Cayuga Community Health Network is offering training to teach local women who to serve as doulas, or birth coaches. Doulas are non-medical. Rather, they help pregnant women create birth plans to better think about how they want their labor to go. They also will support them during labor, offering supportive words, soothing touches, and can remind the woman of her goals set before labor. The doula can also listen to information provided to the family, and assist the pregnant woman through a decision making process to ensure that the pregnant woman is comfortable with everything that is happening during this stressful and important time. Doulas also can refer pregnant women to key services in the community to ensure she has support beyond the labor experience, and offer post-natal visits.

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For more information about the program, call Amy Dickman at (315) 252-4212 or email


Interested in Becoming a Doula?

CCHN has funding from the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York to offer another doula training in fall 2019. Check back soon for details, or email Amy Dickman to put your name on a waiting list.