Summer 2019 Activity BINGO


Cayuga Community Health Network is launching a fun and interactive program to get people up and moving this summer. The more you explore Cayuga County and its treasures, the more you can win! Click below to print out your BINGO board and get started.


Monthly Prizes Include:

  • Healthy Cookbooks

  • Activity Dice

  • Step Counters

  • Jump Ropes

  • Soccer Balls

  • CCHN Water Bottles

The Grand Prize:

$150 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get everything you need for a year of fun outdoor activity! Second Prize is $100, and Third Prize is $50.

For more information or help sending in photos call us at (315) 252-4212 or email



  • Download or print one of the three BINGO boards from our website (board three can be done by individuals of all mobility levels)

  • Some squares contain links to additional information if needed

  • Each time you complete an activity, email us a picture at

  • Each BINGO enters you into a monthly drawing for a prize. Your first BINGO on each card will also enter you into a drawing for a grand prize

  • Compete a whole board for an additional grand prize entry

  • Monthly prizes will be drawn at the end of June, July and August

  • Grand prize will be drawn August 30. Grand prize will be a $150 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card, with $100 as the second grand prize and $50 as the third grand prize


Please exercise appropriate caution when completing the Summer BINGO activities so that you never undertake any risks of physical harm. Understand you participate at your own risk. Cayuga Community Health Network bears no liability for any injuries that may occur while participating in the Summer 2019 Activity BINGO. All participants enter into this contest knowing they are responsible for assessing their own physical capacity and safety risks for themselves or others, in connection to the chosen activities.

Please consult your physician before starting any new physical activity.

Share Your Photos

Send photos of you being active as you complete squares with you name and a statement of which activity you are submitted for to the email or mail them at 2119 W. Genesee St. Road, Auburn, NY 13021.