Interested in Having a Free Doula?


CCHN has funding from the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York to support doulas to be trained and work with women of Cayuga County. The doula can provide two prenatal and two postnatal appointments with you to help you create a birth plan and help you adjust at home after birth. The doula will also be present at the hospital as your advocate during labor and delivery. All of these services are free. Email Amy Dickman to let her know you are pregnant and interested in being connected with a local doula.


For more information about the program, call Amy Dickman at (315) 252-4212 or email


What are the benefits to working with a doula?

Studies have shown with a doula present during labor women are less likely to need pain-relief medications and less likely to have a cesarean birth. Women also reported having a more positive childbirth experience.

Questions to ask your doula.

Here is a list of 30 more detailed questions to make sure you get the right fit for this life changing experience.